Corbijn finally learned to take playful photos on his phone

Corbijn finally learned to take playful photos on his phone
Corbijn finally learned to take playful photos on his phone


In instanton now, more than ever, lightness and playfulness and color appear in his photos. A pool in the countryside lined with wildflowers. His wife Nimi carefully scanning the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The neighbor’s puppy puffing on the sidewalk, caught in overwhelming orange evening light. Anyone can take pictures with a smartphone, but to create something interesting you still need a developed and curious eye, as Corbijn’s snapshots show.

For a long time, Corbijn believed that analog photography was really the only way to take good pictures. The concentration that this requires, the tension of waiting for the result, there’s something magical about that. Digital photography, he thought, only leads to the tendency to want to perfect an image further and further. “And it’s the slight imperfection that I love so much.”

Since Corbijn bought his first smartphone in 2011 – “I am notoriously slow in adopting new technology” – he has noticed that this way of shooting, unlike when he worked with his analogue Hasselblad, for example, brings with it a certain amount of relaxation. brought. “It feels less serious.”

With this book, Corbijn says, he wants to show people what he sees. During his travels, in hotel rooms, when he drives back at night from a photo shoot. And: that he is less pessimistic than people might think. “I have a wonderful life. There is more room for colour, lightness and light-heartedness. In these dark times it is good to show that side too.”

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