Star from ‘Venom’ secretly competes in martial arts championships

Star from ‘Venom’ secretly competes in martial arts championships
Star from ‘Venom’ secretly competes in martial arts championships

Tom Hardy has a secret – a big secret. Whenever possible, the star from the Venommovies in local martial arts championships. Two sports halls have already received him in recent weeks.

The organizers hear his registration shortly in advance and keep his arrival secret. Tom Hardy really wants to fight against others in his weight class – without his opponents knowing who he is. Tom also needs that practice and wants to be able to concentrate on the match. If people are constantly yelling and taking pictures, a good focus will of course not be possible.

In battle
The 45-year-old actor has a blue belt in martial arts jiu jitsu. He started that sport for the movie warrior, in which he wants to become an MMA fighter. Despite all the practice, Tom finds a fight incredibly exciting, he later told an opponent. Purely because the opponent’s experience is unknown.

Besides the tension around a championship, Tom likes to be around people. In between matches, he relaxes in the photo with others, as you can see in the Daily Mail article here. He enters into a conversation and appreciates the other in that conversation.

serious challenge
Those present at his three matches in Milton Keynes thought he was a nice guy. No star appearances, but a very strong guy who wants to practice his skills and is serious about that challenge. Tom proves to be worthy of his action hero status. He is extremely good that day and knocks out any opponent: good enough for gold!

People posted an Instagram message below with a photo of the proud winner

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