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Waldemar Torenstra will play the leading role in The Line of Fire, a film based on the life of army officer Marco Kroon. The first recordings in Spain have now been completed and in the near future filming will take place in the Netherlands. “This is more than just a story about Marco Kroon,” says Torenstra.

By Fabian Melchers

Crown is in The Line of Fire a damaged soldier, who after a dangerous time in Afghanistan tries to pick up his life in the Netherlands again. His family life is clearly suffering from what he has been through. What exactly happened is made clear in flashbacks to the bloody battle against the Taliban.

Torenstra does not have a bald head or beard on the set of the new war drama. Such similarities are superfluous. The actor explains that the film should not only be about Kroon. “For me, this story is also more about what Dutch soldiers go through. About what such a team goes through.”

That team feeling is great in the Spanish Almería. Once the actors leave their hotel room to go to the mountain set, they live like their characters. Torenstra is the only one to receive stage directions from director Roel Reiné. The actor passes those instructions over and over to his colleagues, just like the leader he plays in the film. During the nine shooting days in Spain, the crew does not deviate from that formula.

“The actors were trained as soldiers in a boot camp,” says Reiné. “That’s how they really started to function. So I’m not directing individual actors here, but the entire team at once. Waldemar then ensures that the team does what is asked. That has become a well-oiled machine, which I am back on. can anticipate with effects, stunts and cameramen.”

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Film should make people look at soldiers differently

Kroon was awarded the Military William Order in 2006, but was later also negatively in the news because of a trade in electroshock weapons, alleged drug use and violence. Reiné does not shy away from those dark sides with his film, but above all hopes that his audience will pick up something from The Line of Fire.

“Our soldiers are not normal citizens,” says the cinematographer. “We shouldn’t treat them that way either. As Dutch people, we cut off someone’s head too quickly as soon as it protrudes above ground level. This film should make people look at heroes and antiheroes differently.”

“I’m not trying to generate sympathy,” says the director. “I am more concerned with raising awareness, about what our soldiers are doing for us. About what effect this has on their families and how they should deal with their possible PTSD in Dutch society. In Kroon’s case, all the stress is added to this by negative publicity. and the prosecution by the Public Prosecution Service. The whole film is one big pressure vessel.”

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Soldiers do things I would never want to experience

Torenstra says that his new role has made him look at soldiers differently. “I am very impressed by Marco Kroon and all the people around him. I have gained a lot of respect for what these people can do and what they experience. I could not and cannot understand how intense that is.”

“You rarely hear about it,” Torenstra continues. “While everything is done at the behest of the taxpayer. Whether you agree or not, they go to a war zone and do things I would never want to experience. We’re all kind of responsible for that. It’s beautiful and It’s important to tell that story as an actor.”

The Line of Fire should appear in Dutch cinemas in September 2023.

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