Did Disney just tease an MCU X-Men announcement?!

A new post from Disney is speculating that an X-Men announcement will be made for the MCU next week. So far, Marvel Studios has not made any official announcements about an MCU X-Men reboot.

Role of mutants
However, mutants begin to play a role in the MCU in Phase 4. The finale of Ms. Marvel contained the big reveal that Kamala Khan is a mutant. However, Marvel Studios has only announced plans for one X-Men character project so far: Deadpool 3.

New announcement
Now Disney has made Marvel fans speculate again. The official Disney+ Twitter account shared a gif of Wolverine to remind his followers that Disney+ Day is next week. Wolverine’s choice has sparked speculation that an MCU X-Men announcement will be forthcoming.

This could be yet another case of Marvel fans having too high expectations based on an innocent post. However, there is still a chance that the social media team has deliberately chosen Wolverine to generate additional interest for Disney+ Day and D23 2022.

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