These are the 10 biggest events in MCU Phase Four (1)

These are the 10 biggest events in MCU Phase Four (1)
These are the 10 biggest events in MCU Phase Four (1)

Marvel Phase Four is almost coming to an end. Now that we also know a little more about the Multiverse Saga, and this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is drawing to a close, we can also say a little more about what really mattered. We dive into the ten most important events. Today we put five in a row, tomorrow too.

Val gathers a team

Nick Fury is missing in Phase 4 of the MCU. A new shadowy figure has meanwhile risen: Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, aka Val. She recruited John Walker as US Agent and also Yelena Belova. We know that her team will soon be the Thunderbolts and they will have their own team!Variants are on
In the series Loki we meet the first female variant of Loki: Sylvie. Later, Spider-Man encounters different versions of himself and we meet Captain Carter. So the MCU is full of them!

greek gods rise

The MCU has already established gods, including the Asgardians, Egyptian gods, and the Panther deity. And now we also know that the Greek gods are part of the well-known movie franchise. Zeus and Hercules can already be seen!

Sam Wilson becomes Captain America

Steve Rogers gave his shield to Sam Wilson. The question was what this would mean. It is now clear how things are going, because he is now really the new Captain America. And he gets a solo movie: New World Order.

The Netflix characters return

The Netflix/Marvel series were clearly tied to the MCU, but the movies mostly ignored them. The series were all canceled quite suddenly, but now Daredevil and Kingpin are just back and getting a great future.

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