How does Tom Selleck (77) that detective from ‘Magnum’ stay so fit and young?

How does Tom Selleck (77) that detective from ‘Magnum’ stay so fit and young?
How does Tom Selleck (77) that detective from ‘Magnum’ stay so fit and young?

Do you remember that series Magnum PI still with Tom Selleck as that stubborn detective? The 77-year-old actor has been playing in all kinds of films and series for years. That’s how he played Jesse Stone in several movies and was Monica’s older friend in the series for a while friends. Tom also stars with Donnie Wahlberg in the new police series Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck still has that smile and those good looks. He also has his own ideas about being fit and staying active. So he accepts aging with everything that comes with it. Do you know that Tom lives to his liking on a real farm, where avocados were harvested in the past? He owns a huge tract of land and keeps part of it himself.

In an interview he says about staying busy about getting older:
“I don’t like going to the gym. I do a lot of the work on a ranch. I cut shrubs and plant trees. I have planted a hundred oak trees myself. I think I planted a thousand trees myself.”

“My relationship and my farm keep me sharp. My ranch is my retreat. And I like to play beach volleyball, softball and baseball.”

“I’ve never dyed my hair and I never will. Although I’m always advised to do so. Going gray at my age is a blessing. It softens all the other things around aging. It is what it is.”

Whenever possible, he gives generously to others. For example, during the pandemic, he participated in the ‘tip challenge’ and left a tip of 2,020 US dollars in a restaurant with a note that read:
“For you guys, I honor my friend Donnie Wahlberg’s tip challenge and hope 2020 can get better. Thank you.”

The fact is that Tom Selleck has found his own fit regime with doing work he likes, being outside a lot and being there for others. The article in Eat This is here. His TV son Donnie Wahlberg recently announced the new installments of the series on Instagram below.

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