Director of ‘I Am Legend’ is still disappointed with both endings

Director of ‘I Am Legend’ is still disappointed with both endings
Director of ‘I Am Legend’ is still disappointed with both endings

Some time ago we were told that there will be a sequel I Am Legend, for which even Will Smith returns. This is somewhat strange, since his character dies. Fortunately, there is an alternative ending, but the director is not really happy with this.

Francis Lawrence was allowed to make the blockbuster and recorded two different endings. In the film we see, Robert Neville (Smith) sacrifices himself to help fellow survivors escape.

He uses a grenade to destroy a group of zombies outside the safe area. Neville dies in the process, but his sacrifice makes it possible for others to escape and hopefully find a cure.

The alternate ending shows a different scenario. Neville is nearly overwhelmed by the creatures, but then realizes that they are not attacking him, but rather trying to save one of their kind that he has captured. Neville realizes he is the ‘legend’ to these creatures. He survives as he becomes aware of his own role in the new world order.

During a recent interview, the filmmaker commented: “If I had to choose I prefer the original ending, but if I had it to do over again I would include an ending that is true to the book“.

However, a fair amount of money was invested in the film. So everyone was nervous about including a “too nihilistic” ending. Looking back now, I think everyone could still enjoy ‘I Am Legend’, even with a nihilistic ending“.

Different ending
Both endings differ from the original ending in Richard Matheson’s book, where Robert Neville realizes the impact he has on the evolution of these creatures and declares, “I am legend” before committing suicide.

Watch both endings below.

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