The reason why Terrence Howard left after ‘Iron Man’: “Robert betrayed me”

The reason why Terrence Howard left after ‘Iron Man’: “Robert betrayed me”
The reason why Terrence Howard left after ‘Iron Man’: “Robert betrayed me”

Yesterday there was an article on FilmTotaal about Robert Downey Jr. The latter was not the highest paid actor in it Iron Man, despite the fact that he played the lead role. Terrence Howard was paid more for his supporting role, but why did he leave after a single performance?

The 2008 blockbuster made Downey’s first appearance as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Not everything goes smoothly in the film, but fortunately Stark can count on the support of his good friend, Colonel James Rhodes, also known as Rhodey.

In the film, Stark and Rhodes are good friends. Howard and Downey also got along well in real life. However, this is a thing of the past. For a long time, all kinds of rumors were circulating about why Howard decided to resign, but the actor shared his side of the story some time ago.

Howard got for the first Iron Manfilm paid no less than 4.5 million dollars, making it 2 million dollars more than Downey. However, Howard would receive ‘only’ $1 million for the second part. This was not enough for him, but mainly he felt betrayed.

As Howard himself said earlier: “The person I helped become Iron Man dropped me. When it was time to make the second film, he demanded my paycheck and I was pushed towards the door“.

Howard goes on to say that he was initially asked to do three films and agreed to it, but Marvel eventually backed out. Howard continues: “Marvel came to me and then said, ‘Listen, we’re only paying you an eighth of what we agreed on. We know that the second part will be a success, with or without you’.

Howard hoped that Downey might help him, but this wasn’t the case. The actor continues: “I called my friend who I had helped get the lead role, but to no avail. He didn’t hear from him for three months“.

See below from 3:44 what Howard said about it during an interview.

Whether this story is true or not is unknown, but Howard wants nothing more to do with Downey. The latter received a whopping $50 million for the latter Avengersdiptych, while Howard says he only receives about $60,000 per film.

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