The most horrible wizard in ‘Harry Potter’ is not Voldemort but this unknown villain

The most horrible wizard in ‘Harry Potter’ is not Voldemort but this unknown villain
The most horrible wizard in ‘Harry Potter’ is not Voldemort but this unknown villain

There are many villains in the Harry Potter world, although the main villain is without a doubt Voldemort. Yet there may still be a wizard in the ‘Wizarding World’ who was still gruesome, although he is not very well known.

Harry Potter and co. have to face some bad guys. Voldemort is his greatest enemy, but evil wizards and witches such as Lucius Malfoy, Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange also make life difficult for him.

Yet Harry is not afraid of these villains and he certainly dares to confront the above villains. However, there is another dark creature that Harry is terrified of and those are the Dementors.

This is not crazy. The Dementors are perhaps the scariest and worst creatures in the Harry Potter world. They have no eyes or ears and are dressed in long black cloaks. Their hands are grayish, slimy and covered with sores.

Not only that. The Dementors suck all the happiness from their environment and the people who come near them can only remember the worst thing they have ever experienced. Even Muggles feel their presence, even if they can’t see the Dementors.

The big question now is, where do the Dementors actually come from? A sorcerer named Ekrizdis is said to be responsible for their creation. This dark wizard came from ancient Greece, traveled the world before deciding to settle on a deserted island in the North Sea.

With various spells, Ekrizdis ensured that the island disappeared and he would never be found. Then he could go about his business trying out all kinds of dark spells. His ‘guinea pigs’ were fishermen and sailors, whom he lured to his island and then tortured.

Ekrizdis then created the Dementors. It was only after his death that the Wizarding World learned of the island’s existence, but the Ministry of Magic was so shocked by all the scenes they found on the island that they decided to keep the island hidden.

People who did visit the island often returned traumatized. For many years nothing was done with the island, until Ekrizdis Castle was converted into the infamous Azkaban prison.

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