The Avengers return in ‘The Marvels’ trailer

The Avengers return in ‘The Marvels’ trailer
The Avengers return in ‘The Marvels’ trailer

Marvel Studios has unveiled a new final trailer for The Marvels. Marvel is making a last-minute attempt to lure fans to theaters for the upcoming opening weekend.

Previous trailers mainly promised a cosmic adventure full of jokes and colorful moments. However, fans appear to have little interest in the new adventure about Carol Danvers and the film is heading for a disappointing opening weekend.

Course correction
The new trailer seems like a course correction. The promotional video sets a very heavy and serious tone, the focus is less on jokes and more on a larger and dramatic story. The trailer hints at a “moment that will change everything” and promises big reveals and cameos.

But most noticeably, the trailer features footage from previous MCU films, specifically Avengers: Endgame. Characters such as Captain America and Iron Man are featured, but as far as we know we will not see these characters in the new Marvel film. It therefore seems that Marvel Studios is mainly trying to attract fans of the previous films to the cinema now that the financial forecasts do not look good.

Watch the trailer below, but beware, there are a number of revelations in the trailer that could be seen as spoiler.

In The Marvels Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and exacted revenge on The Supreme Intelligence. But unforeseen consequences force Carol to solve the problems of a destabilized universe.

To collaborate
Due to mysterious circumstances, Carol’s powers become intertwined with those of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) and SABER astronaut Monica Rambeau. Every time they use their powers they switch places.

Together, the trio must form a team and learn to work together to save the universe from a threat from the multiverse. The Marvels was directed by Nia DaCosta and can be seen in theaters this weekend.

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