Review ‘Het Smelt’: “Gripping and intense thriller”


FilmTotaal has 5 brand new reviews of films that will premiere in Dutch cinemas this week.

Review: It Melts (2023)

Direction: Veerle Baetens | Cast: Charlotte De Bruyne, Sebastien Dewaele, Rosa Marchant, Naomi Velissariou“A gripping and intense thriller that will stay with you for a long time.”

Read the full review of ‘It melts’ written by Caitlyn van Doorn.

Review: Reality (2023)

Direction: Tina Satter | Cast: Sydney Sweeney, Josh Hamilton, Marchant Davis, Benny Elledge

“Intriguing docudrama about whistleblower Reality Winner that is most exciting when you don’t know exactly where the clapper hangs.”

Read the full review of ‘Reality’ written by Justus Stemfoort.

Review: White Plastic Sky (2023)

fbdb7a42d4.jpgDirection: Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó | Cast: Tamás Keresztes, Zsófia Szamosi, Géza D. Hegedüs, Judit Schell

“With special animation techniques, the dystopian White Plastic Sky is one of the most unique and challenging films of the year.”

Read the full review of ‘White Plastic Sky’ written by Aram Isaac.

Review: Dear David (2023)

b12a389f61.jpgDirection: John McPhail | Cast: Justin Long, Andrea Bang, Augustus Prew, Rachel Wilson

“Fitting that this horror is released after October 31, because the film missed the boat in everything.”

Read the full review of ‘Dear David’ written by Terence Shea.

Review: Drawing Lots (2023)

92abe4e9b2.jpgDirection: Tamta Khalvashi, Zaza Khalvashi | Cast: Inga Jakhutashvili, Guladi Goguadze, Leila Bibineishvili, Anri Mutidze

“Mosaic film about a Georgian residential community follows the residents by observing them to really get to grips with their lives.”

Read the full review of ‘Drawing Lots’ written by Sjoerd van Wijk.

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