Ridley Scott on the scale of his war film ‘Napoleon’: “it’s so crazy”

Ridley Scott on the scale of his war film ‘Napoleon’: “it’s so crazy”
Ridley Scott on the scale of his war film ‘Napoleon’: “it’s so crazy”

This month, the large-scale war film Napoleon will premiere on the Dutch silver screen. The leading role is of course played by Jokeractor Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Ridley Scott.

The film would contain scenes with fights of an insane design with many hundreds of extras and enormous sets. You can hear more about what to expect in the video below.

Dynamic war scenes
Napoleon is described by Sony Pictures Netherlands as “a spectacular, action-packed film about the turbulent rise and fall of the famous French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte”.

The synopsis: In this masterful epic, legendary director Ridley Scott shows us Napoleon’s unstoppable rise to power through his addictive, volatile relationship with Josephine, his one true love, and takes us through some of the most dynamic war scenes ever seen. filmed, getting to know Napoleon’s sophisticated military and political strategies.

Set up on a grand scale
“When you do a war movie, the scale of everything is so crazy,” says director Scott in the video below. He then explains more about how he shot the huge action scenes.

Do you want Napoleon If you’d like to see it, you’ll have to wait a little longer. The film can be seen in Dutch cinemas from November 23 and a while afterwards the film will be exclusively on Apple TV+.

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