Who will be Miss Belgium?: our man gives his top five

1. Emilie Vansteenkiste (21, Elewijt, occupational therapy student)

Who else? Emilie dances, regularly works as a model and is active on Tiktok, with more than half a million followers. That translates into: she ‘grabs’ on screen, she ‘grabs’ on stage, she’s jovial and at the same time very professional. She’s also determined to win, the kind of drive that always helps.

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2. Claire Lansenebre (24, Knokke-Heist, chef)

With a Filipino mother and American father, Claire is all worldliness. She already wins the prize for the most beautiful smile and she is not inexperienced: in 2014 she became Miss Teen Philippines (Central Visayas) and she also acted there for two years.

Claire Lansenebre — © Kevin Swijsen

3. Silva Hakobyan (25, Quaregnon, administrative assistant)

Those who initially did not take into account Silva – who was born in Armenia and lived there until she was seven – had to make adjustments after the gala evening in Egypt: she packed the entire amphitheater and all hotel guests with the snap of her fingers. She was previously working as a model, and it shows.

Silva Hakobyan

Silva Hakobyan — © Kevin Swijsen

4. Kessia-Simao Viera(21, Verviers, international business student)

I’m a star”, she exclaimed – with a wink, but not really – to a large audience at the hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. That’s right: Kessia-Simão – with Congolese-Angolan roots and familiar with parades – is so witty and engaging that she can even charm a bag of cement.

Kessia-Simao Viera

Kessia-Simao Viera — © Kevin Swijsen

5. Ailani Ibens (17, Antwerp, business & languages ​​student)

She is the youngest of all candidates and that is irrevocably expressed in a lack of experience. And yet the half-Moroccan Ailani effortlessly distinguishes itself. That holds the promise of a future course of success.

Ailani Ibens

Ailani Ibens — © Kevin Swijsen

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