Interclassics Brussels 2022, the dream factory

From November 18 to 20, took place at the Heysel The salon Interclassics Brussels place dedicated to classic cars and youngtimers. This year the event celebrated the 75th anniversary of Ferrari as well half a century of BMW Mwith two themed exhibitions of a large number of vehicles that mark the history of these two prestigious lines.

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Car brands increasingly take into account the enormous enthusiasm of the general public for this kind of passion events: Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Volkswagen signed present, so that is saying something. We especially remember the beautiful ones exhibition dedicated to the Combi, where all generations of this legendary van could be admired. A real invitation to travel and adventure.

Porsche 911RS 2.7

Crazy prices

As usual, many Belgians and foreigners fell sellers of vintage cars with remarkable cars Brussels off. Unfortunately the Prices often very high, such as 49,000 euros for one Peugeot 504 or – hold on – 85,900 euros for one Citroen ID 19 (albeit in original condition, but still). Have to say that the rates on Interclassics do not reflect the reality of the market. There was an almost ridiculous way of outbidding, which is unfortunately typical for such European shows…

Ferrari 348 Interclassics


Among the vehicles on display were some gold nuggets such as a BMW Isetta equipped with a microscopic caravan, a replica of 007s Aston Martin DB5 “Goldinger” (including gadgets!), a Peugeot 205 1.1 in new condition and several cars without a single scratch.

Aston DB5 007

Fortunately, those who could not dig deep into their pockets could also take a hit. For example, a French company was present dat led bulbs for old cars (which improve the original lighting – a real plus for safety, especially for 6V vehicles – and at the same time relieve the battery). There was something for everyone and the formula seems to have pleased the public who turned up in great numbers during these three days. In short: worth it!

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