Lars Leeman (Merkem Sport 3B): “Scoring was a while ago”

Lars Leeman (Merkem Sport 3B): “Scoring was a while ago”
Lars Leeman (Merkem Sport 3B): “Scoring was a while ago”

Merkem Sport won 2-3 on the field of VC Ichtegem last weekend. After four matchdays, the team is in joint third place with 7 out of 12. TSC Proven will visit on Saturday.

“Starting with 7 out of 12 is a nice bonus”, says Lars Leeman, who took a reassuring 1-3 lead at Ichtegem fifteen minutes before the end. “After our victory last weekend, we are well on track with the train. The only regret is that we lost two extra players early in that match with Joren Vanlerberghe and Jonas Lameire due to injuries. Jonas in particular will be out for a long time with a broken kneecap and that was a serious damper on the joy for the win, which was also a bit for him in the end.”

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“Saturday it will be another important game at home against Proven, because if we win it, we can speak of a successful start with 10 out of 15 and we will continue to compete at the top”, Lars continues. “It will certainly not be an easy task against a team that didn’t get off to a good start. Proven remains a formidable opponent and we are going to have to be 100 percent to achieve a good result,” said Lars, who cannot be heard complaining about his return to Merkem Sport. “I am slowly starting to find my way and I have the feeling that I am now part of the group compared to the past. The fact that I was also able to score on Saturday was also happy, because that had been a while ago.” (PB)

Saturday, October 1, at 7 p.m.: Merkem Sport TSC Proven.

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