Agency Growing Up suspends Calimero childcare in Passchendaele after complaints: “Fortunately, many grandparents can step in” | Abuses in childcare

PasschendaeleThe Growing Up agency has temporarily suspended childcare in Passchendaele after a number of complaints. They will now investigate them further. The Growing Up Agency has confirmed this. It concerns Calimero at the beginning of the busy Statiestraat, a shelter with a maximum of 25 places. A solution is being sought for the parents involved. The crèche has been taking over for some time now.

children’s nursery Calimero at the beginning of the Statiestraat in Passchendaele © DBEW

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The parents were told on Wednesday evening that the crèche would close from Thursday. On Thursday evening, the parents and the municipality were informed that the agency Growing up has temporarily stopped childcare after some complaints. It is not known what the specific content of those complaints is.

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director-general Katrien Verhegge of the Growing Up Agency © BELGA

“It is true that we have suspended the initiative in case of urgency following complaints. It is a temporary measure. We are now investigating whether and under what conditions the initiative can reopen,” explains Nele Wouters, spokeswoman for OpGroening. The suspension will in principle run until January 6, but the agency wants to investigate the complaints quickly. According to Wouters, the local government is now looking for a solution for the parents and children involved.

Friendly woman

People in the neighborhood are outraged. “The manageress is a very friendly woman,” says a neighbor. “I heard on Radio 2 about the closure. I am already surprised. It was a coming and going of parents here. The nursery was already going well. It used to be a house there. The owner now rented it out. I think for about one and a half to two years.”

According to Alderman of Childcare, Joachim Jonckheere ( TEAM 8980), the decision was made in the interest of the safety and health of the children in the shelter. “In that daycare there was room for 25 children. We now have to find a solution for those children and parents. In total we have 175 reception places in our municipality and now suddenly 15 percent of them have to look for a new location. That will not be an easy task, but fortunately the grandparents are a great help and we also get a lot of understanding locally.”

“From Thursday evening and of course also Friday we received some telephone calls from parents. We are in contact with the Growing Agency to see what the possibilities are. They do that too. In the case of Calimero, it is a large shelter. There is almost no room elsewhere. If we cannot find a solution in our municipality, then possibly in a wider region. In any case, it cannot be solved in one day. Some parents are surprised about the closure and never noticed.”

Business owner Tiffany Ciroldi could not be reached for comment.

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