Man who kicked police officer in the face in prison faces internment (Antwerp)

Man who kicked police officer in the face in prison faces internment (Antwerp)
Man who kicked police officer in the face in prison faces internment (Antwerp)


The Public Prosecution Service on Friday demanded the internment for Mustafa B. The thirty-year-old, who had been interned several times, had behaved aggressively towards prison staff and the police. For example, he had kicked a member of the rapid response team (SRT) of the local police in Antwerp in the face.

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The defendant was transferred from Antwerp prison to Saint-Gilles prison on 17 February, where he had to appear before the Chamber for the Protection of Society (KBM). Seeing his cell there, he became verbally and physically aggressive. During the session itself he remained calm, but during his transfer to Antwerp he again became violent and damaged the mirror of the combi.

Since Mustafa B. had been aggressive towards the staff and other detainees before, he could no longer stay in the Antwerp prison and was transferred to Leuven. When security officers came to get him on February 25, he refused to leave his cell. He scolded them and thrashed around. He made it so furious that the SRT was called in. They could handcuff him and put him in the cell car. However, the defendant continued to kick and hit one of the inspectors full in the face.

“The defendant clearly has an aggression problem. If something is not to his liking, he becomes violent,” the prosecutor said. Mustafa B. has already been interned six times. A personality disorder with anti-social, narcissistic and psychopath characteristics was diagnosed in the thirties. He is also slightly feeble-minded, which means that he is not always able to properly assess the consequences of his actions.

The prosecutor again ordered the internment. His lawyer did not object. “Client has been interned since 2010, but mainly stayed in prison where he did not receive the appropriate help. He is now in a Forensic Psychiatric Center. He is finally getting help and he is doing much better now.”

Judgment on October 21.


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