Young Devils lose first Derby of the Low Countries of the weekend

If the Red Devils want to win in the Netherlands by three goals on Sunday in order to snatch the Orange ticket for the Final 4 of the Nations League in the extreme, then it would be better not to tune in to the Derby der Lage Landen in the first half. promises. Or maybe just. To learn from the mistakes of their potential successors

Defensively, the Young Devils played football on shaky legs. The fast and agile attackers in the Dutch Juniors got the Belgian defenders in trouble time and again. A first warning from Simons flew wide, Vandevoordt had to turn around for the first time before fifteen minutes. Antwerp player Ekkelenkamp sent the ball deep. Brobbey reacted faster than De Winter, put Pletinckx in the wind with a large gate – beautiful and painful at the same time – and then pushed the leather over the corner past Vandevoordt: 0-1.


Just before the break, the Ajax attacker added a second goal. The Dutch Juniors put together a wonderful attack, the Belgians stood there and watched it: Timber with a heel to Bakker, who painted the ball perfectly on Brobbey’s head. In between, Vandevoordt saved himself from worse.

“The new Eden Hazard that nobody knows” shows itself

Bright spot with the Young Devils: Largie Ramazani. Jacky Mathijssen brought the tastemaker from UD Almeria – who already scored against Real Madrid and Sevilla – into the selection for the first time and the former youth player of Anderlecht immediately underlined why the Dutch VI renamed him the “new Eden Hazard that nobody knows”. Lots of guts, fast feet, a dribble ass and the only Belgian who could threaten for peace. Up to four times. After a slalom between four Orange defenders, Scherpen was just able to keep him from the equalizer.

Mathijssen made six changes after the break. With four defenders, Belgium got into much less trouble defensively. Offensively, Doku – “as a precaution at the U21 because he (at Rennes) got too few playing minutes” – let the Belgians play much better football. He started on the bench, but immediately disbanded his devils after his turn with some individual actions. Hands quickly came together in the stands.

It is necessary too. In order to get a ticket to Qatar, Doku will have to convince Roberto Martinez in the coming weeks, although that clearly did not cause extra pressure. High from the stands, the national coach noticed that the Rennes attacker was standing between the lines without any complexity. As if he shook off all worries. Scherpen kept him from a goal after a clever action – squeezing in and shooting – a little later he crept into the role of declarant: Deman slid into the connecting goal centrally.

First loss in eleven matches

The Young Devils eagerly went in search of a deserved equalizer in the final phase. Lissens claimed another penalty in added time, but the ball didn’t go on the spot. For the promises, it is the first loss since October 13, 2020, when it fell 1-0 in Moldova. This was followed by eight wins and two draws.

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