Get to know the ‘new’ Knokke-Heist: “A strong brand deserves a strong logo” | Knokke-Heist

Get to know the ‘new’ Knokke-Heist: “A strong brand deserves a strong logo” | Knokke-Heist
Get to know the ‘new’ Knokke-Heist: “A strong brand deserves a strong logo” | Knokke-Heist

Knokke-HeistA historic day in Knokke-Heist: the coastal municipality is presenting a renewed ‘brand story’. The most striking novelty is the logo, which replaces the previous one after more than 40 years. “A wink to the previous logo should not be missing”, says mayor Piet De Groote. “But as a modern seaside resort that attaches great importance to quality, we also want to radiate this.”

It was a proud mayor who spoke to all those present on Friday morning. It was therefore an important day for Knokke-Heist. From now on, the coastal municipality will continue with a new logo that should provide a recognizable identity. The ‘rebranding’ should provide a breath of fresh air. “The old logo was in urgent need of replacement,” says Piet De Groote. “The search for that upgrade started two years ago. A lot of work groups and the creative office SKINN were involved in this, with the result we see today.”

Five neighborhoods

The new logo consists of the name Knokke-Heist and an emblem – the fan – that connects. “The fan has five extensions that represent the five neighborhoods in our municipality: Heist, Knokke, Duinbergen, the Zoute and De Polders (Westkapelle and Ramskapelle, ed.)”, says the mayor. “Each district offers its own special places and experiences. They are the five strong building blocks that form Knokke-Heist into the quality seaside resort that we are and will remain. Now we present everything in a consistent way. And of course a nod to the old logo, with its waves and sun, not to be missed. You can still recognize a setting sun on the horizon in the new logo.”


Even the municipal staff is literally put in a new jacket

Piet De Groote, mayor of Knokke-Heist

But, the city council emphasizes, the ‘rebranding’ is more than a new logo. You can now spot the renewed identity everywhere in the municipal buildings and streets. Think of the municipal vehicle fleet, ballpoint pens, stationery, the website and the social media channels are also getting a facelift. “Even municipal staff is literally being given a new look,” says mayor Piet De Groote.

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“It is important that all municipal services will now communicate in the same widely supported style.” For economic reasons, the roll-out of the above will be done in phases.

energy crisis

The mayor is optimistic about the future of Knokke-Heist. “Due to the energy crisis and war in Ukraine, we are facing challenging times – just like many other local authorities. And that is why it is so important to face the future fresh and fruity. With our new brand identity, we want to give residents and second home residents, traders and tourists the wind in their sails and embrace the Knokke-Heist feeling. After all, we have more than enough assets here to be proud of. And strong brands deserve a strong logo, something we definitely have now,” says De Groote.

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