Assured of a nice car adventure

Assured of a nice car adventure
Assured of a nice car adventure

John de Graaff – September 22, 2022 – Travel tips and useful things

On holiday by car©puuropreis

Who doesn’t have memories of a holiday by car? Probably first with your parents; then as a young self-employed person on an adventure, probably to the south of Europe. For many, the car is still the most popular holiday means, both far away and close by. It might be an idea to discover one of the following routes in Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg soon.

Germany Driving Adventure

We’ll start with the longest, the Deutsche Allesstraße. Shortly after German reunification, the initiators of the ‘lane route’ started preserving and protecting the characteristic trees and have meanwhile realized a green network of about 2,900 kilometers across Germany. Of course, not everyone has the time and inclination to do the entire process, which is why it has been neatly cut into manageable pieces.
Starting in the north, between Rügen and Rheinsberg we find the first part of the Deutsche Onlystrae. Further south, the route includes Dessau/Wittenberg, Dortmund, Bad Honnef, Wittenberg, Dresden, Bad Kreuznach, Freudenstadt and Reichenau, where natural beauty always plays an important role.

Car Adventure in Belgium

Neighboring Belgium has a route that can be counted as a wonderful day trip by car. However, the 120-kilometer route through the Flemish Ardennes will also appeal to cycling enthusiasts, as many slopes from the Tour of Flanders are covered during the ride. The Oudenaarde Market is a logical starting point. The total route actually consists of two loops of sixty kilometers each, which meet in the largest city of the Flemish Ardennes. Those who want to divide their visit to Belgium over several days could do the loop through the Zwalm region on day one from Oudenaarde to Horebeke, Zwalm, Zottegem and Brakel. Day two would lead the journey from Oudenaarde to Maarkedal, Ronse and Kluisbergen.

Luxembourg Car Adventure

A little more to the southeast, but in a completely different country, is our third recommendation for a short car holiday. The tour through the Valley of the Seven Castles takes you past the splendor of Luxembourg for just 27 kilometers. In the central Guttland you will find many castles and palaces, dating from different centuries, in addition to natural beauty. Around the newer castle of Ansembourg is an impressive garden, which invites you to take romantic walks. The starting point for this historic trip is Mersch, which is beautifully situated at the confluence of the rivers Alzette, Eisch and Mamer. From here you don’t have to drive thirty kilometers through forests and villages to Koerich to discover the castle splendor of Schoenfels, Hollenfels and Septfontaines, among others.

For all these companies in their own car, no matter how many kilometers they cover, you naturally want to be well insured at the most attractive premium. But where one person is looking for the cheapest car insurance, another will be happy to pay a little more for perhaps more extensive coverage. Calculate your car insurance and see what suits you and your situation best. That way you can travel with peace of mind for your adventure on the Deutsche Eenstraße, through the Flemish Ardennes and in the valley of the seven castles in Luxembourg.

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