Weather forecast Limburg September 19, 2022

Weather forecast Limburg September 19, 2022
Weather forecast Limburg September 19, 2022

Tonight and tonight it will be partly cloudy. As a result, it cools a little less strongly than the previous nights. We get minimums around 8°C.

Ruben Weytjens

Today at 21:04

Friday morning we will often see a veiled sun in Limburg. In the afternoon the clouds will thicken, making it increasingly difficult for the sun to penetrate.

In the far west of Belgium it may already be raining by midday, but in Limburg it will remain dry until the early evening.

After 16 hours, foothills of the rain zone could sometimes come close to the northwest of Limburg. However, measurable precipitation is not possible for most regions. The more to the southeast, the greater the chance that it will remain dry until after midnight.

Due to the increase in clouds, the temperature will remain a degree below the maximum of Thursday. That maximum will therefore be somewhere between 18 and 19°C.

The wind is from the southwest and will be weak all day. Partly due to the higher humidity, it will therefore still feel soft.

In the night to Saturday, a few extinguishing showers could penetrate over Limburg.

The west of our province remains the most sensitive to this, by the time the showers reach the east there is usually nothing left.

View the weather forecast for the coming days here.

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