Beerselaar Kilian (21) elected co-chair of Jong Groen

Beerselaar Kilian (21) elected co-chair of Jong Groen
Beerselaar Kilian (21) elected co-chair of Jong Groen

The members of Jong Groen have elected a new national board. The board team is ready to start under the leadership of co-chairs Kilian Vandenhirtz (21, Beersel) and Laura Schuyesmans (27, Ypres).

Kilian and Laura got to know each other at Jong Groen and have already worked closely together on the board for the past two years. They both have a close relationship with education. Laura was in front of the class and Kilian is doing an educational master. “Education is the building block of society, an engine of equal opportunities and the theme is now more topical than ever. The members of Jong Groen also saw this urgency and chose education as our central theme,” says Kilian.

With a largely new team, a new dynamic team is ready to make it a great year. As of today, Laura Spruyt (24, Antwerp) will take on the position of political secretary. Bernd Calders (18, Kontich) will be responsible for basic democracy and the determination of positions within Jong Groen. Kevin De Block (28, Leuven) will continue to work on an inclusive and accessible organization as a board member of the volunteer policy. Thibaut Duthois (24, Ghent) will support the student groups and is also developing an inclusive school work for the first time. Ellen De Wit (23, Ostend) will further strengthen international contacts as the new international secretary. Georgina Ceusters (20, Turnhout) becomes a member of the action board and Bastiaan De Groote (25, Antwerp) is the new press and communication manager.

“As a team, we are making a major commitment, something that we, as co-chairs, want to offer sufficient attention and support for. Jong Groen runs on volunteers, so we must not lose sight of their mental well-being,” says Laura.

Finally, Kilian and Laura would like to thank both the previous board and the previous co-chairs, Jordy Sabels and Paola Travella. “We can build on the achievements of the past year and further strengthen the movement. We are working together for a better future.”

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