House in Berchem again shot and daubed, two suspects arrested in the Netherlands (Berchem)

House in Berchem again shot and daubed, two suspects arrested in the Netherlands (Berchem)
House in Berchem again shot and daubed, two suspects arrested in the Netherlands (Berchem)

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The facts of Wednesday evening in the Deken De Winterstraat in Berchem took place around 8.30 pm. “A suspect delivered a message to a house in the street, then the house was also shot at,” said public prosecutor Kristof Aerts. “Luckily no one was there.”

The perpetrators fled to the Netherlands after the facts, but were arrested there after a chase. “An alert passerby had seen the suspect and his vehicle. Thanks to a collaboration with Communication and Information Centers Antwerp (CICANT), the Dutch police were alerted. They were able to pull over the vehicle and the two occupants, aged 19 and 20, were arrested.” The public prosecutor’s office in Antwerp will request their surrender, several house searches were already carried out in the Netherlands on Thursday.

OVERVIEW. This is the long list of drug-related incidents in and around Antwerp

It was the umpteenth incident in the Deken De Winterstraat. In September 2019, a hand grenade exploded near the house, in July this year heavy fireworks were detonated against the house and in August a car was set on fire and ‘snitch’ was written on the facade. The pancake house of the EH family, in the Volksstraat in Antwerp, has also been targeted several times. Members of the family are involved in a conflict in the drug environment, their own guards recently foiled an attack in Deurne. Two would-be attackers were then detained, beaten and tortured for a while.

Also attack in Rumst

Earlier this week, a house was also targeted in the Vissersstraat in Rumst. Unknowns also wrote a message on the door of an apartment building and smashed the windows on the first floor with stones. The vandalism is also linked to the environment of international cocaine smuggling, although the suspected target has not lived in the building for at least two years, according to neighbors.

“For both offenses, the specialized investigating judge was requested. The Antwerp Federal Judicial Police will conduct further investigations,” says Aerts.

17 arrests since June

It is striking in recent weeks that the police increasingly succeed in apprehending the suspects of the attacks. “Currently, in the various investigations into this drug-related violence, thirteen people have been arrested by the investigating judge since June, and four minors have been placed by the juvenile judge,” said public prosecutor Aerts. Ten of those suspects were arrested in the Netherlands, three of them were handed over this week. The trio will appear before the council chamber in Antwerp on Friday. They are suspected of being involved in the attack against a fruit company in Zeevaartstraat on 7 September.

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The Zeevaartstraat on the Eilandje. — © rr

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