Pampering days and exhibition “Dementia in word and image” in the Sunny House in Halle

A word of thanks from ships Louis Van Dionant to the healthcare staff during the opening of the exhibition

A few activities are organized in September. The residents with dementia themselves go meditative wheelchair dancing and get an afternoon of pampering. There will also be visits from snoezel ponies and the robot cat.

Robot cat moves, reacts and answers…almost lifelike.

The art exhibition ‘Dementia in word and image’ will run from September 20 to November 28. You can admire the photos and poems about dementia in the banquet hall of the Sunny House, Auguste Demaeghtlaan 38 in Halle.

Heidi Paesmans tells. We took some poems about dementia from the book “Closer”. The name of this collection was sought from a song by Stef Bos “If only I were a poet, then I could be closer to you” The poems were written by people who are involved in one way or another with the disease “dementia” With words every one of them has tried to write down human, true art. A small selection of these poems is on display.

In addition to the poems, we also like to present you photos. These photos come from the exhibition “Ik, You, Samen Mens”, a collaboration between ECD and Cera. With the photos, Leo De Bock wants to show that people with dementia, despite their dementia, are still capable of a lot. They remain full-fledged people where their condition is not central

The exhibition can be visited by the general public daily from September 20 to November 28, 2022 from 10 am to 6:30 pm in the residential care center.

Photos © Jan Demol

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