ALL ANTWERP. “My call: stick your head out and push your limits” (Antwerp)

ALL ANTWERP. “My call: stick your head out and push your limits” (Antwerp)
ALL ANTWERP. “My call: stick your head out and push your limits” (Antwerp)

Hilde VanSand. — © Jan Van der Perre


Every weekday our reporter and photographer pick a casual passer-by off the street for a nice conversation. Because everyone has a story. And certainly in Antwerp. Today: Hilde Van Sand (65).

“Once a month there is ‘Croque Musique’ on the program in the Stadsmagazijn: great music in combination with good food and drinks at democratic prices. This time mainly French feel-good music was played. Afterwards I always take a walk through the city and sometimes end up in the Kringwinkel.”

“As much as possible, I try to live for the benefit of the planet. I don’t often throw anything away unless it’s really worn out. I buy ‘new’ things here. Of course you don’t always have a price, but if you pop in once in a while, you’re more likely to find something than if you plan a visit.”

“My commitment is not limited to the climate. I also try to contribute on a social level. At community center ‘t Pleintje in Deurne I help non-native speakers improve their Dutch language skills. They are people who have already been set on the road by the government but who aspire to a higher language level. I have been working with a Kosovar for a while now. Very enriching, because you learn a lot about other people’s culture and background.”

“I have a busy schedule, but there is so much to do here in Antwerp. But I’m not sorry about that. I live alone and can’t sit between my four walls all day. I therefore have an important message for everyone: stick your head out and push your limits.”


The article is in Dutch


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