Mie Branders (PVDA) is suing the parking scheme for schools: “This is your purest Kafka” (Antwerp)

Mie Branders (PVDA) is suing the parking scheme for schools: “This is your purest Kafka” (Antwerp)
Mie Branders (PVDA) is suing the parking scheme for schools: “This is your purest Kafka” (Antwerp)

Antwerp PVDA councilor Mie Branders. — © Joris Herregods


Antwerp city councilor Mie Branders is incredibly concerned about the obligation that schools have to build parking spaces on their own grounds. “This arrangement is pure Kafka”, says Branders. “Schools have other things to worry about than parking spaces.”

Sacha Van Wiele

Today at 16:44

If schools want to expand the capacity of students, they must take into account the parking standard in the building code of Antwerp. On the basis of a series of criteria, the city of Antwerp determines how large the parking burden will be in the neighbourhood.

The school then faces three choices. Or the extra parking spaces will be realized on the school grounds. However, this threatens to weigh on the investment for an expansion of student capacity. If the school gives priority to the number of places for students or simply does not have the space, the unrealized parking spaces can be bought off. The third option is to realize a neighborhood car park together with the city of Antwerp.

The last two options have serious financial consequences for the school. For example, the Central Catholic School Committee Antwerp and Catholic Education Diocese of Antwerp Metropolis pay 15,000 euros each for the non-realization of parking spaces in the school. However, the city of Antwerp has a scheme to compensate school boards for this. The amount will be refunded.

“School teams are already dealing with a heavy planning burden,” says Branders in the council committee. “They are looking for plenty of ways to do something about the capacity shortage and the shortage of teachers. On top of that, they now have to meet about the parking standard set by the city. To whom they first have to pay a lump sum and then later ask for it back from the same city. This arrangement is ridiculous and pure Kafka.”


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