‘Now What’: makers of ‘Dertigers’ now also follow seven twenty-somethings in the heart of Antwerp, and this time it is not fiction (Antwerp)

‘Now What’: makers of ‘Dertigers’ now also follow seven twenty-somethings in the heart of Antwerp, and this time it is not fiction (Antwerp)
‘Now What’: makers of ‘Dertigers’ now also follow seven twenty-somethings in the heart of Antwerp, and this time it is not fiction (Antwerp)

Flanders has a new soap. But now what is no Family or Home. It is a ‘real life’ docu-soap that records the events in the lives of real people. They live together in a house in the heart of Antwerp. “There is no scenario, there are no assignments, and they should not vote each other out,” said creative director Jess Houbregs.

At the heart of the new GoPlay program are seven young people between the ages of 20 and 24, who have just graduated and are ready for the next chapter in their lives. They will co-house with their peers for three months. All the ups and downs in their lives, dates, job applications and other matters are filmed.

The basic idea is reminiscent of on Kot, the section off Everyone famous, but the makers don’t want to make that link. “These are people who are ready for adult life. They are looking for work. Or they have done ten jobs, but haven’t found what they really want to do yet,” said Jess Houbregs of production house Warner Bros. “The format of on Kot was also not the source of inspiration. We also make the series Thirties. At one point, the idea was suggested to also do something around their twenties. Initially with fictional characters, but we opted for lifelike stories. Because fiction can never be as strong as what happens in real life.”

Those over 40 may make the comparison with The Real World, a reality series that once ran on MTV. “You can compare it with that, but there are also big differences. At the time, people were selected for that program who were known to clash sooner or later. That is not our intention. We follow seven great people with very different ambitions and expectations.”

The twenty-somethings have slowly moved into the house. They are now complete. “These are exciting times for those guests, but also for us”, laughs Houbregs. “After all, there is no screenplay, no pre-written storylines. We live to the rhythm of the people we follow. We are also very curious ourselves. In the meantime we are four days away and some things have already happened that we could not have estimated in advance. That makes us hopeful that a lot will happen in the coming months.”

Is it the intention that romances also arise in the house? “You can, but you don’t have to. In any case, it is not a point that we have taken into account in the composition. But it is in any case an age at which jobs but also relationships can be changed.”

The recordings will take place in a building in the heart of Antwerp, “between the Stadspark and the De Keyserlei. We don’t just follow the residents, their friends and family are always welcome too. They are not locked up there either, we also follow them outside the house.” So don’t expect any variation on Big Brother. “The house isn’t full of cameras either. They have complete privacy in the bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. We also do not hand out assignments and we do not send candidates in certain directions. And we will never enter the house unannounced. After all, it is their residence.”

Now What, starting September 26 on GoPlay for 90 days. A new episode is released every day at 12 noon.

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