Wibra will open six new stores in Belgium this fall

Wibra will open six new stores in Belgium this fall
Wibra will open six new stores in Belgium this fall

Wibra will open six new stores in Belgium this autumn, RetailDetail reports. The discount chain wants to close the year with a total of 51 stores. During a relaunch made in 2020, Wibra only had 36 stores in Belgium, a significant decrease compared to the 81 stores it still had in July 2020.

The first store will open on September 22, in Bornem. This is followed by Lanaken, Wilrijk, Jumet, Balen and Namen. “The chain is clearly doing well, which is really doing everything it can to present contemporary, fun and affordable items. Wibra is still aiming for a low discount price for all its products and that is welcome in these expensive times. All existing and new customers are positively surprised with Wibra’s new approach in its stores,” the Wibra management team reported to RetailDetail.

In the 2019 financial year, the Belgian branch of the chain was still in the red. That year, Belgium suffered a loss of 4.4 million euros. In July 2020, a judicial organization was requested for the Belgian activities. Remedial measures initiated in 2019 led to some improvement in the results at the branch, but this was completely negated by the corona crisis, the company said at the time.

In February of this year, Wibra was taken over by their own management, who acquired a majority stake in the company. “Wibra remains Wibra, the course remains the course,” General Director Bas Duijsens told Retailtrends at the time. According to him, Wibra would focus on growth and on the further roll-out of the renewed store formula that focuses on the ‘manager of the family’.

Since the management takeover, Wibra has focused more on social media, has a greater presence at events and collaborates with influencers, Wibra reports to RetailDetail. The chain also launched its own webshop this year.

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