launches Brussels energy pact against energy poverty launches Brussels energy pact against energy poverty launches Brussels energy pact against energy poverty

A specific energy crisis manager, reducing the electricity and gas bill and freezing the rent index for the first 700 euros per month. These are some of the proposals from the Brussels energy pact of, which Brussels MP Els Rochette will launch on Thursday.

“The current energy and inflation crisis is pushing a large part of Brussels residents into poverty,” says Rochette. “Many working Brussels residents will also have difficulty paying their bills this winter.”

“As far as we are concerned, no one should lose any sleep over an energy bill. That is why we are making six concrete proposals that can make a difference in the short term for the inhabitants of Brussels who otherwise run into financial problems.”

Energy crisis manager

Its energy pact provides for a specific energy crisis manager who takes control and reports directly to the Prime Minister, working closely with the competent ministers. He must make an inventory of the existing local and spiritual initiatives, bring the actors together and make policy proposals.

Furthermore, the Brussels gas and electricity bill can be reduced by removing Sibelga’s distribution tariffs (170 euros per year), road tax (35 million in total) and public lighting costs (27 million).

Rent index also advocates a freeze of the rent index for all rental properties over the first 700 euros of rent per month. The indexation would therefore only apply to the amount above 700 euros.

The energy pact also provides quick win teams that raise awareness among citizens in the neighborhoods and, with the consent of the resident, carry out the necessary adjustments within 14 days, and one joint digital energy counter for those who have to knock on the door of the OCMW to pay the energy bill.

Furthermore, the energy transition must take everyone into account, including the lowest income categories.

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