Willy Naessens washes ashore in Antwerp: showroom and shop in Schoten for swimming pool department (Schoten)


Willy Naessens, the well-known West Flemish entrepreneur, now also has a branch in Schoten. His Willy Naessens Swimming Pools combines more than sixty years of experience with a passion for perfection. And the almost family warmth and care that the entrepreneur, known from television, radiates, is added to every customer for free.

Jan Auman

Since corona, a private pool is no longer a distant dream for many families. Many families have already had one placed. Others are busy preparing or making plans.

“With market leader Willy Naessens you are guaranteed to have a good time. Willy Naessens is not called the signature or reference in the sector for nothing,” says Dirk De Cock, Schotenaar and commercial representative at Willy Naessens Swimming Pools. “We set the bar high. At Willy Naessens you opt for a total service: from devising the swimming pool concept through the foundation, laying terraces and preparing the technical area for use, to the construction and filling of the finished pool.”

Dirk De Cock, commercial representative for Willy Naessens at the Schoten site. — © YES

Growth rates

Dirk De Cock: “We draw up each project individually in close consultation with the customer. Our internal consultancy provides the necessary support for the technical elaboration. The result is always the same: a swimming pool without worries, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Aftercare and service are key concepts in our approach. And in our case you can count on that.”

Willy Naessens, which builds swimming pools in the higher price range, is on the rise. The company is posting strong growth figures. It now builds 150 swimming pools per year and also renovates another 35. Willy Naessens Swimming Pools recently opened a new head office in Oudenaarde. There, all swimming pools are prepared in even better conditions by our own professionals and with high-quality materials, very precise and tailor-made


Willy Naessens, now 83, continues to lead his companies as passionately as in the early days.

Willy Naessens, now 83, continues to lead his companies as passionately as in the early days. — © Willy Naessens

In addition, both a showroom with a shop have been established in Overijse and recently also in Schoten. The location in Schoten is located in the SME zone Bloemendaal, close to the canal.

“Here you can check your swimming pool plans for the first time in peace, but also purchase maintenance products, pick up ordered spare parts and see and feel new accessories with your own eyes. Because no matter how easy it is to buy online, as a customer you still want to know what such a swimming pool robot or vacuum cleaner looks like in real life”, Dirk De Cock knows from experience.

Willy Naessens does not have a desk in his Schotens branch, but he does visit regularly. “Like his many other companies, Willy continues to follow us with great commitment and passion,” says Dirk De Cock with great awe. “That family approach – also of our customers – makes Willy Naessens so unique. Anyone who ever puts trust in him and buys from him, is part of a warm circle and that remains unconditionally so. We never let our customers down.” (yes)

Willy Naessens Swimming Pools, Industrial Park Brechtsebaan 16 in Schoten.

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