Police establish serious animal neglect in Brasschaat: 50 animals seized (Brasschaat)

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The local police have discovered a dire situation of animal neglect in Brasschaat. As many as 50 animals living in poor living conditions were seized.

Jarit Taelman

Today at 13:26

The intervention came after one of the community officers determined that the animals were living in appalling conditions. “The house was very messy and dirty. The animals themselves were also locked up in dirty cages,” says Chris Van Damme of the local Brasschaat police. “Urgent measures were therefore necessary for the two dogs, three cats, two parrots, three axolotls and 40 fish.”

“Healthy and safe living conditions are a basic condition for keeping animals,” says the local police, who drew up an official report and seized all the animals, fifty in total. The animals were taken to a rescue center for the course of the study. “An offer of help was made for the owner.”

Finally, the police calls on everyone to always report animal neglect or abuse. This can be done by e-mail to [email protected]

© Police Brasschaat

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