Lenniks college approves package of energy-saving measures

Lenniks college approves package of energy-saving measures
Lenniks college approves package of energy-saving measures

If the consumption of gas and electricity of the municipality of Lennik in the coming year is the same as in the previous year, the cost price for energy will quadruple. It increases from 271 000 euros to 1 015 000 euros. In response to this increase, the Municipal Executive approved a package of energy-saving measures.

“All in all, the interventions below, based on realistically estimated calculations based on current prices, will be able to reduce the additional expenditure by at least EUR 300,000”, the board said.

An overview:

Adjusted opening hours will be introduced:
⦁ From November 1, 2022 to May 15, 2023 at the latest:
⦁ Town hall and OCMW on Friday only open via e-counter and reachable by phone.
⦁ Library closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
⦁ Other opening hours will be maintained.

⦁ No heating between 15 May and 15 October and if the outside temperature is higher than 18°C.
⦁ Room temperature of 19 degrees on the work floor.
⦁ Bringing different workplaces together in one room.
⦁ Complete shutdown of air conditioners outside periods of high heat.
These and some smaller measures to reduce consumption in municipal buildings contribute to a total saving of 31 000 euros.

Dimming and extinguishing street lighting:
The Public Works & Mobility Department is investigating the options for dimming or extinguishing street lighting from 1 November at the latest. If technically possible, the village centers will remain lit, but will be dimmed. The college is now looking at the options with Fluvius and is aiming for a saving of 180,000 euros/year, which comes down to halving the cost of street lighting.

Rationalize the use of buildings:
The sale of the emergency house and the building on Kroonstraat and the decommissioning of the tram station in Eizeringen will save 27,500 euros.

Accelerate the roll-out of investments in sustainable energy for our buildings:
With the installation of solar panels on the library, the town hall, the Jo Baetens banquet hall and the Peter Benoit Academy, the additional insulation of roofs, the further roll-out of smart thermostats and controlled radio valves, as well as the renewal of the heating line in the old fire station and the Schepenbank invests the municipality 147 000 euros.
This is offset by an annual saving of EUR 68,700.

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