Flanders will host the third edition of the Gravel World Cup in 2024

Flanders will host the third edition of the Gravel World Cup in 2024
Flanders will host the third edition of the Gravel World Cup in 2024

After a successful Road Cycling World Championships last year, Flanders will host the UCI Gravel World Championships, the World Championships for gravel bikes, in Flemish Brabant in the autumn of 2024.

This year, the UCI is organizing a world championship for the clay discipline for the very first time in Veneto, Italy. It is the pinnacle of the UCI Gravel World Series, a collection of gravel competitions around the world, initiated by Golazo. In 2024, Golazo, Flanders and the province of Flemish Brabant will bring the gravel World Cup to the Brabantse Wouden in Flemish Brabant.

“Gravelen has quickly evolved from ‘hype’ to a full-fledged part of the cycling range”, says Christophe Impens of Golazo. “With Golazo, we were quick to set up beautiful grave events in our own country. About a year and a half ago we approached the UCI with a proposal for an international Gravel Series, following the UCI Granfondo World Series that we have been organizing for years. That first edition will be completed in a few weeks in the very first Gravel World Championship in Veneto, Italy.”

“We can now once again show our best side worldwide”
“The fact that we can now bring the World Cup to Flanders and thus link top sport to our Flemish nature, is a very nice opportunity.” Flemish Minister of Sport Ben Weyts adds: “It was a great honor for us to organize the 100th edition of the World Cycling Championships last year. With the Gravel World Cup in 2024, we can now once again show our best side worldwide. We are not only putting Flanders in the window on an organizational level, but we are also putting our green assets in the spotlight during this World Cup.”

In the coming weeks, Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Golazo will sit around the table to discuss the route and possible start and finish places. First it is Veneto’s turn and the World Cup will also be held in Italy in 2023, although the exact location is not yet known. The UCI also made it clear today that the 2025 and 2026 World Clay World Championships will take place in France and Australia respectively.

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