Energy fair on October 5 in De Ploter

Energy fair on October 5 in De Ploter
Energy fair on October 5 in De Ploter

Who isn’t worried about the energy bill right now? Energy prices have gone wild, gas prices are rising almost every day and the price of electricity is following blindly. This has a direct effect on the prices in the shop, at the pump, at the bakery… The local council of Ternat wants to help the inhabitants save energy and organizes the energy exchange in collaboration with the local council of Roosdaal, Liedekerke and Affligem. Because every kilowatt of energy saved is a direct saving on your bill.

At the energy fair you will discover a lot of information to reduce your energy consumption at the more than 10 energy stands.

You will find information about how your house can be examined from basement to attic to save energy. You will receive all the information about which subsidies you can apply for and which subsidies you can apply for. You will be informed how you can apply for an interest-free loan for energy-saving work on your home, how you can turn your home into a healthy living and living environment…

To give young families the opportunity to do this in peace, the youth service provides a children’s corner with entertainment.

Together with the neighboring municipalities of Liedekerke, Roosdaal and Affligem (ILV Regional Housing Policy Noord-Pajottenland), we bring the following partners together:

  • Energiehuis 3Wplus: energy scan, social renovation supervisors, premiums, my renovation loan
  • Climate point: renovation projects, group purchases, renovation advice
  • Fluvius: digital meter, solar panels, premiums
  • Logo Zenneland: healthy living and living environment
  • Farys: water saving
  • OCMW’s 4 municipalities: social rate, help with energy costs
  • Housing info points 4 municipalities: premiums, sustainable building advice
  • Environmental services 4 municipalities: municipal premiums/subsidies, group purchases
  • Ternat youth service: children’s corner/animation

Free and free access.

  • For whom? Residents of the municipalities of Ternat, Affligem, Roosdaal and Liedekerke
  • Where? De Ploter – Kerkstraat 4, 1742 Ternat
  • When? Wednesday 5 October 2022 – 1 pm to 7 pm

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