Defendant stole wallet from judge who had to hear his case (Deurne)

Defendant stole wallet from judge who had to hear his case (Deurne)
Defendant stole wallet from judge who had to hear his case (Deurne)

The criminal court of Antwerp has sentenced Moussa M. (30) from Deurne to two years and four months in prison. Earlier this year, when he had to appear in court in Mechelen in a cybercrime case, he had stolen her wallet. He then went shopping with the judge’s bank card in a supermarket.

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At the end of 2020, the defendant had transferred 809 euros from a friend’s bank account to his. Moussa M. claimed that the man had agreed to this. The money would have been used to purchase their cocaine. The friend denied that and filed a complaint.

On January 7 of this year – he had just been released from prison for a few days – Moussa M. had to answer to the judge in Mechelen for these cybercrime facts. Just before the hearing, he peeked into the judge’s room, where he stole the wallet and magistrate’s card from the judge hearing his case. He also stole the wallet from the courthouse janitor.

The cybercrime case was eventually postponed. Moussa M. then took the judge’s bank card to a supermarket in Antwerp where he could make a purchase. He also made several attempts to pay and also tried several times to withdraw money with the victims’ bank cards. He stole an iPhone from the counter in a fruit shop in Berchem.

The thefts had since come to light. Thanks to the testimony of a clerk, Moussa M. quickly came into the picture as a suspect. During a search, the bank cards and the mobile phone were found. He immediately confessed to the thefts.

Both cases were brought before the court in Antwerp and declared proven. Moussa M. has already received five criminal convictions for, among other things, theft with violence, computer fraud and intentional assault and battery. With regard to cybercrime, the court accepted a unit of intent with offenses for which he had previously been sentenced to 20 months in prison. He was sentenced to an additional four-month prison term. He was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 800 euros for the thefts.

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