Black day for Kempen entrepreneurs (Herentals)

Black day for Kempen entrepreneurs (Herentals)
Black day for Kempen entrepreneurs (Herentals)

Joris Willems from Groenstraat Meerhout was director of SJW Projects, which had previously been declared bankrupt, active in the timber sector. The books have been deposited, the curator is Christophe Geukens. Kris Salaets, Pol Heynsstraat in Herentals, took care of general buildings. He also put the books down. The curator is Pieter Klingels. The BV Atlantica, Stationsstraat in Geel, specialized in the processing of metals. The company was sued. The curator is Senne Draulans.

The BV Paragon Partnership, Een Meistraat in Turnhout, was a wholesaler in building materials. The bankruptcy followed a subpoena. The curators are Kristof Benijts, Philip Somers and Veerle Verhaegen. Liesbeth Geets, Herderstraat in Geel, was responsible for roof work and minor renovations. The books were put down. The curators are Noël Devos and Bram Vangeel.

catering industry

Anja Wauters and Rudy Leysen from the Victoriestraat in Turnhout were managers of the general partnership Zizoo, a catering business that was previously declared bankrupt. Curator Ronny Ceusters has the file in hand. The bv DMN Food, Kerkstraat in Vorselaar, operated a restaurant. The case was subpoenaed. An Notelteirs is the curator. The bv Gabak, Steenweg op Ravels in Oud-Turnhout stood in front of a bar. Bankruptcy after summons, Rudi Van Gompel and Tom Robeyns are the trustees.

The BV Hosap, with its registered office at Rauwelkoven in Geel, was also a restaurant. Senne Draulans has been declared a trustee of this bankruptcy after a summons. The company The Company Shop was active on the Patersstraat in Turnhout. The company offered residential accommodation. The curator is Ben De Groof.


The cv Lauwerys operated a retail business in the Kerkstraat in Beerse. Like the company, manager Georgette Lauwereys from Poppel was also summoned. The curator is Katty Somers. Kristof Michiels, Herdersstraat in Geel, traded in used cars. The books have been deposited, Noël Devos and Bram Vangeel are the curators.

Q Company, Kerkhoflaan in Mol, was in the tobacco sector. Bankruptcy on confession, the curator is Eef Stessens. The BV Desmo, Amsterdamstraat in Meer (Hoogstraten) is bankrupt after a summons. It is a wholesaler of food products. The curator is Mark Bruurs.

The bv B&B Baguetel, Molenveld in Balen, provided freight transport by road. Bankruptcy after summons, the bankruptcy trustee is Christophe Geukens. Finally, the BV Hermes Security, Kingdom in Herentals, a company that offered computer consultancy activities, was also declared bankrupt following a summons. The case is in the hands of Senne Draulans.

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