AZ Sint-Maria invests in bicycle lease plan for staff

AZ Sint-Maria invests in bicycle lease plan for staff
AZ Sint-Maria invests in bicycle lease plan for staff

The General Hospital Sint-Maria Halle offers all permanent employees the opportunity to lease a bicycle. In this way, the Halse hospital wants to motivate employees to come to work by bicycle. “With this initiative, we are also investing in the health of our employees and we are working on more sustainable mobility in and around the city,” it sounds.

About 50% of the employees of the AZ Sint-Maria live within a radius of 10 km from the hospital. More than 20% even live in Halle. “However, we notice that some employees prefer to use the car for relatively short distances. Understandable because the Zenne valley and the Pajottenland have a hilly landscape. In addition, a good (electric) bicycle is often an expensive investment,” says AZ Sint-Maria in Halle. know. “We want to do something about this with the bicycle lease plan that was presented to the staff during this ‘Week van de Mobiliteit’.”

Bicycle leasing

Via the bicycle mobility plan, permanent employees can lease an electric or regular bicycle through the hospital and enjoy many benefits. The AZ Sint-Maria Halle works closely with Cycle Valley for this. During the three-year leasing contract, they guarantee a full service package (insurance, breakdown assistance and a maintenance budget). Furthermore, the AZ Sint-Maria is responsible for part of the monthly lease amount. At the end of the three-year lease contract, the employee can buy his two-wheeler for a relatively small residual value or enter into a new lease contract.

“The bicycle lease plan fully respects the bicycle wishes of the employee. It therefore makes no difference whether someone opts for a city bicycle, a delivery bicycle, a folding bicycle, a racing bicycle or a mountain bike, whether or not in an electric version. Also the bicycle dealer where the bicycle is purchased and maintained is determined by the employee himself, so we have opted for a bicycle lease plan that meets the personal preferences of our employees as much as possible,” it continues.

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