Sneakers specialists from DNA Antwerp assess Beerschot shoes by Andreas Wieland: “Nice, but could be even cooler” (Antwerp)

The sneakers. — © rr


Beerschot took the three points to Antwerp this weekend after a 1-2 win on Virton’s field. After the game, there was not only a discussion about the sporting performance of the Rats, but also about the special shoes of coach Andreas Wieland. “Custom-made sneakers that are not available anywhere”, the Austrian said. The sneaker specialists at DNA Store Antwerp shine their light on the shoes.

Shiny white Nikes with the purple Nike logo and the purple clawing bear as eye-catchers. Whether it turns out to be enough to win the hearts of all Beerschot fans is not entirely certain, but in terms of creativity it can count. A player from his former Austrian club LASK makes custom sneakers. “Players and staff members want them too, but for now, mine are still exclusive,” Wieland laughed.

But how exclusive are those Wieland shoes really? “Very special indeed”, if we are to believe the sneaker specialists at DNA. Antwerp sneaker fanatics whose shoes want to see pimped or restored can come to them for a thorough treatment.

The DNA workshop. — © BELGA

“The are made entirely in function of his personal request. You can actually look at it as a unique tattoo. Nevertheless, they are still relatively simple: nice, but it could be much cooler”, says owner Brendan Cole.

Cole isn’t really surprised that someone from the football world would show up with shoes like that. “A lot of people from the world are into sneakers. We understand that players and trainers want a unique copy in the colors of their club. For example, a pair with a number and name on it seems cool. That way, the sneaker remains personal.”

The shoes shine in the green grass.

The shoes shine in the green grass. — © BELGA

According to Cole, Wieland can sometimes unleash a trend with his shoes. “Customization has always been part of sneaker culture, but in Belgium it is now slowly gaining popularity. Who knows, soon everyone will be walking around with their own unique sneakers.” (lava)

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