Mother and son in jail for girlfriend’s murder | Antwerp

Mother and son in jail for girlfriend’s murder | Antwerp
Mother and son in jail for girlfriend’s murder | Antwerp

AntwerpA 78-year-old woman and her 53-year-old son are in prison on suspicion of murdering a 65-year-old friend. The lady was found dead in an apartment on the Reinaartlaan on the Left Bank. All involved are from Kyrgyzstan, a republic in Central Asia.

On July 16, 2022, an Antwerp police patrol found the body of a 65-year-old woman in an apartment on Reinaartlaan on Antwerp’s Left Bank. Police responded to an emergency call. At the first observations, clear traces of violence were noticed on the body.

According to spokesperson Kristof Aerts of the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office, the 78-year-old resident of the apartment said that she had received a visit from her friend. The investigating judge ordered the woman to be temporarily detained in prison after her interrogation. Further investigation by the local police investigation revealed that a second person had been present. This 53-year-old man finally turned himself in to the police on July 29. He would be the son of the 78-year-old resident.

This man was also later arrested by the investigating judge. Both the mother and the son heard their detentions extended for a month in the council chamber last Monday.

a lot of drink

Spokesperson Kristof Aerts: “At this point in the investigation, it seems that the victim, who lived in Wilrijk, went to visit her friend on Linkeroever in the afternoon. Both have roots in Kyrgyzstan. It is said that a lot of alcohol was drunk, after which an argument broke out in the evening that got completely out of hand. The 78-year-old resident has asked family members to come to the scene. They called the police, but the resident had kept silent about the presence of the fifty-year-old.”

The judicial investigation into the exact circumstances continues. For example, it must be further investigated whether the two suspects are indeed mother and son.

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