Do you know scouting “Akabe Halle”? Appointment October 15.

Nona Van Rossom, AKABE management, tells us that they are now in their fourth year of operation. In 2019, some enthusiasts started this youth movement for children and young people with disabilities, after various experiences in other youth movements and the Halle playground.

Every child or young person has the right to play. When it is difficult for someone to go to a regular youth movement, they can also come to us. Meanwhile, about 20 members have already found their way to the Akabe.

Nora Van Rossom: “The enthusiastic management team provides fun activities every third Saturday of the month at the premises of the Joepie playground in Halle. The children can spend three hours here each time to let off steam and have fun with each other.

During the first two years of operation, Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works. In the past year we were able to organize some activities to put money in the cash register to be able to go on a day trip. For example, at Halloween we sold delicious spider soup and at Easter our waffle and Easter egg sale was a great success. In June 2022 we went on a day trip for the first time: an unforgettable day for our members.

During the coming Akabe year there are again some activities on our schedule. For example, we will repeat the already known activities and we will also go on weekends with our members.”

On October 15, 2022 there will be a friend’s day on which both the management and the members can bring someone along to get acquainted with the operation.

Hoping that this will introduce even more people to the operation, and who knows, they may find new members or new leadership to make the playing experience even more complete!

Akabe is no longer so unknown in the area, but everyone is invited to the friends day on October 15 between 4 pm and 5 pm at the premises of the Joepie playground (Brouwerijstraat 32.1500 Halle).

Welcome to come and listen to the operation of our Akabe and enjoy a delicious cup of soup.

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