VGC gives Brussels talent and young people a chance to develop in new policy year

VGC gives Brussels talent and young people a chance to develop in new policy year
VGC gives Brussels talent and young people a chance to develop in new policy year

In the Council of the Flemish Community Commission, the college presented the main points of the policy year 2022-2023 on Wednesday. In its own words, the VGC wants to continue to invest in the talents of Brussels residents and the challenges for education.

The VGC’s policy statement is structured according to the seven objectives of the multi-year plan 2022-2025. The VGC does the utmost to develop the talents of the inhabitants of Brussels by investing in educational infrastructure, childcare and the acute shortage of teachers. In concrete terms, this concerns about fifty construction files for the renovation and new construction of schools, the creation of 177 places in childcare and campaigns such as LeerkrachtBXL , which focus on the appreciation and recruitment of teachers who reflect the Brussels population.

“The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation will cause even more concerns and uncertainty this year. At the same time, staff shortages are putting pressure on many sectors: from childcare and education to care and welfare. And let just that few of the sectors on which our society relies and relies in any crisis,” says Executive Board President Elke Van den Brandt (Groen).

“We continue to invest, with the focus on capacity expansion. At the same time, we support schools through our education center in Brussels in the development of powerful Dutch language education with an open attitude to multilingualism. In short, high-quality education in high-quality infrastructure, that’s what we go for,” says a board member for Education Sven Gatz (Open Vld).

Multilingualism and Participation

The capital must be made child- and youth-friendly, with an eye for vulnerable young people. Multilingualism remains an important theme, as does participation in policy. The VGC itself wants to be “an agile and collaborative government”. It wants to take an exemplary role in the field of energy consumption and will also start a screening of the registration process for the VGC offer this autumn.

Above all, Brussels should be a city for everyone. A capital that moves with an accessible sports offer and with a care and welfare offer close to the inhabitants of Brussels. A trajectory is being drawn up together with poverty associations to structurally strengthen the participation of people in poverty. In all of this, the VGC wants to connect people and combat social loneliness through, among other things, the operation of its 22 community centers.

“Playing in the city is not obvious for every Brussels child. Our community centers and libraries are meeting places for all Brussels residents. They are warm hubs where newcomers can also come into contact with the Dutch-speaking network,” adds Pascal Board member for Youth, Sport and Culture. Smet (Vooruit-One.Brussels).

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