THE WEEK OF JAN. Corona, energy, Ukraine: what does not fit in the list? (Antwerp)

THE WEEK OF JAN. Corona, energy, Ukraine: what does not fit in the list? (Antwerp)
THE WEEK OF JAN. Corona, energy, Ukraine: what does not fit in the list? (Antwerp)



Jan Stassijns

Today at 05:00

After three weeks of ‘vacation behind the scenes’ at Krinkel, the largest Chirobivak ever at the Vagrant Colony of Merksplas, it was time to adjust this week. When you are completely away from your ‘normal’ life for such a long period of time, and away from current events, you are overcome by a blissful feeling of peace.

Rest is relative, because a bivouac with 6500 young people is not the time to plop your feet up in a beach chair. But it does feel good to be together with like-minded people, connected by the Chiro. Without mutual tensions and all with the aim of having fun.

The reality check, when you go back to work, is all the greater. You are again confronted with the contradictions and misery, things that were (for a while) out of your mind.

The war in Ukraine rages on. The energy crisis is getting out of hand. A new corona wave is coming and to make matters worse, the so-called ‘begging buttons’ make the life of the (unworldly) cyclist unbearable.

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But what doesn’t fit in the list? Exactly… The corona wave. What rock does it suddenly crawl from under? It’s been good, we now have some other kittens to flog. Unfortunately, a virus is not susceptible to such an argument and as usual I have once again removed my mouth mask from under the dust. Hello, old friend… You better be prepared.

And so returning from vacation always brings a surprise or two. There are also certainties in life. On Monday, the escalator of the Groenplaats pre-metro station was still standing. On Tuesday it worked again, but on Wednesday two others had failed. And Antwerp is at the top of the standings. You will soon have the feeling that you have never been away.

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