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Police distribute new images of ‘Bolle Jos’: ‘Tips that he probably looks different’

Police distribute new images of ‘Bolle Jos’: ‘Tips that he probably looks different’
Police distribute new images of ‘Bolle Jos’: ‘Tips that he probably looks different’

The Dutch court has released more footage of the wanted Jos Leijdekkers, also known as Bolle Jos. Because tips came in that the man probably looks different, a new composite drawing was made.

The 31-year-old Leijdekkers is on the Dutch National Investigation List because of cocaine trafficking and violence, also in our country. A reward of 75,000 euros has already been offered for the golden tip that leads to his arrest.

At the beginning of May, the police distributed a search message with the latest photos. “A dozen tips came in about Jos Leijdekkers,” the police said. ‘Based on that information, it became clear that he probably looks different now, and a composite drawing was made of this. In addition, we received visual material with Jos Leijdekkers on it.’

He has no fixed place of residence or residence in the Netherlands. ‘Until recently, it was suspected that he is staying in Turkey. However, the investigation does not yet have a concrete insight into his whereabouts,” the police said. With the release of the new material, the police hopes to obtain more information about where Leijdekkers is staying. One of the images shows him, in shorts, sitting on a garden chair.

Photo: Netherlands Police

Bolle Jos is seen by the judiciary in the Netherlands as one of the key players in the large-scale trade, import and export of cocaine in the Netherlands and Belgium.

He is also suspected of involvement in the disappearance and death of Naima Jillal. The woman disappeared in 2019 after getting into a car in Amsterdam. Photos of a woman were found on a seized phone. “It is suspected that it is Jillal and that she has probably been tortured and is no longer alive,” the police said.

Last year it became known that the investigation into Jillal led to a warehouse in Antwerp. A search was made there in collaboration with the Belgian police, using detection dogs and a ground radar.

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