Activists prepare large-scale blockade at TotalEnergies | Inland

Activists prepare large-scale blockade at TotalEnergies | Inland
Activists prepare large-scale blockade at TotalEnergies | Inland

At the TotalEnergies gas station on the Belliardstraat in Brussels, some activists held a small action this morning to point out the enormous profits that the multinational makes. At the same time, it is the announcement of a large-scale blockade on October 8 and 9 of important infrastructure of TotalEnergies in Belgium. The actions are organized by Code Rood, a large-scale open action group.

On the banner that the activists unfurled at the gas station this morning, they make it clear that the energy bill has risen by 900 percent, while the profits of TotalEnergies have increased by 93 percent. The activists complain that more and more families are getting into financial difficulties, while multinationals such as TotalEnergies are given free rein from a political angle.

“Instead of getting caught up in discussions about climate debt and finger-pointing, our focus should be on the companies that would like to keep us in this profitable fossil system for as long as possible. With TotalEnergies’ net profit in one quarter, it would already be possible to insulate the homes of 112,000 families and thus reduce their energy bills,” says Jasmijn Defize, spokeswoman for Code Rood.

Civil disobedience

Today’s action is a call for civil disobedience and a massive blockade of TotalEnergies. The open action group, which is supported by about fifteen organizations including Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Youth for Climate, Tegengas or Vredesactie, organizes training sessions every weekend in various cities to educate citizens for the action. Together they want to denounce the responsibility of the fossil fuel industry in the social and climate crisis.

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