Chance of thunderstorms again tonight: KMI announces code yellow

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Tuesday starts sunny. Gradually, however, the clouds increase and in the afternoon there are already some (thunder) showers possible. This is reported by the RMI.

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Today at 06:10

The weather forecast for Tuesday. — © RMI

The maximums are between 22 degrees at the sea and 28 degrees in the center, in the Kempen even a local 30 degrees is not excluded. The minimums are between 13 and 17 degrees.

Showers will increase in the course of the evening, increasing the chance of thunderstorms and abundant precipitation. “The showers can be locally fierce, and accompanied by hail and gusts of wind,” warns the RMI. This expects precipitation amounts that can locally rise to 10 to 20 liters per square meter in one hour. Code yellow applies to all provinces. On the coast there is code yellow from 6 pm, the other Flemish provinces follow one to two hours later, just like Wallonia. In the second part of the night, the showers will leave our country via the northeast, it says.


Wednesday largely the same weather pattern, with a dry start. In the course of the afternoon there will be showers again from France. It gets quite warm at temperatures between 22 and 26 degrees.

Thursday starts overcast and rainy. The sky clears for a while, but in the afternoon new showers are already reported, which can be accompanied by a thunderclap. Maximums between 17 and 23 degrees.

Also Friday and in the weekend it remains changeable with periods of rain. The mercury drops a few more degrees.

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