Heritage in the spotlight during Open Monument Day 2022

Heritage in the spotlight during Open Monument Day 2022
Heritage in the spotlight during Open Monument Day 2022

On Sunday 11 September, many interesting monuments will swing their doors wide open for a free visit. Open Monuments Day is the permanent appointment for lovers of immovable heritage and an ideal opportunity to (re)discover valuable old buildings.

This year, the largest heritage festival in Flanders is all about “sustainability”, a current and hip theme that is also strongly alive within the heritage sector. Also in the Pajottenland and the Zenne valley there is a lot to experience and visit on September 11th.

With almost 30 different activities in no less than 10 municipalities (Affligem, Beersel, Dilbeek, Galmaarden, Halle, Lennik, Linkebeek, Roosdaal, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Ternat), there is something for every heritage lover in our region. Everyone will undoubtedly find something that suits his or her interests.

Open Monuments Day is of course the perfect opportunity to visit fascinating monuments. This year, among others, the castle of Beersel, Villa Servais and Den Hert (Halle) will open their doors. In Kruikenburg Castle in Ternat, you can dive into the fascinating life story of Everard T’Serclaes. Be sure to stop by the Randatlas base camp, where non-profit organization De Kleine Expeditie not only searches for stories from the past, but also for people who now live, work or live there.

Adventurers can climb the tower of the basilica in Halle or look for remnants of the lost castle in old cellars. Music lovers will get their money’s worth with (dance) organ music and carillon and promenade concerts. Amateurs of beer and breweries discover the fascinating story of the hopasts of Sint-Martens-Bodegem and Sint-Ulriks-Kapelle or can visit the old malthouse Van Roye (current Den AST in Halle). Nature lovers will get their money’s worth in the (protected) rock garden of the provincial domain of Huizingen or in the museum garden of Gaasbeek. You can also discover what makes the 100-year-old garden district Zuun in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw so special, you will learn how to “buttock” millstones in Galmaarden or you have the unique opportunity to take a ride on a historic bus between Schepdaal and depot Leerbeek. Of course, families and children have also been thought of with an adapted offer with workshops, quests and even a real “treasure bingo”.

Looking for an activity near you? You will certainly find an event nearby on www.openmonumentendag.be.

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