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ALL ANTWERP. “During the week we sometimes turn things upside down” (Antwerp)

ALL ANTWERP. “During the week we sometimes turn things upside down” (Antwerp)
ALL ANTWERP. “During the week we sometimes turn things upside down” (Antwerp)

Shajitha Sinnadurai. — © Nattida-Jayna Kanyachalao


Every weekday our reporter and photographer pick a casual passer-by off the street for a nice conversation. Because everyone has a story. And certainly in Antwerp. Today: Shajitha Sinnadurai (22).

“I spent my entire childhood in Westland, a municipality somewhere between Rotterdam and The Hague. I dream of a career in veterinary medicine, but in the Netherlands it is almost impossible to achieve that. The training is only given in one university and only 250 students get that opportunity. I tried, but failed the entrance exam.”

“And that’s how I ended up in Antwerp last year. That wasn’t a punishment at all, because I love the city. I had already been there a number of times, but since I’ve also been living here, I really get to know the nice places. The neighborhood around the city park, where I live, is nice. But I prefer to really relax in the botanical garden, although the quays are of course also very beautiful.”

“Everything is so close to each other, which is what makes the city of biscuits so pleasant. The only downside is that I have to travel for a while every day to and from Campus Drie Eiken, where I take my classes. The training is extremely tough, but at the same time very interesting. I therefore hope that I will pass all my re-exams.”

“I have two more to go now and then two weeks off. Hopefully I will arrange another trip abroad. Of course you can also go to the Netherlands. During the academic year I spend every weekend at home. Or am I not just missing the best moments? Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. During the week we sometimes dare to shake things up.”(lava)

The article is in Dutch


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