Credion also becomes active in Belgium Accountancy This morning

Credion also becomes active in Belgium Accountancy This morning
Credion also becomes active in Belgium Accountancy This morning

Business finance specialist Credion is also entering the Belgian market. Behind Credion Belgium is Aelbrecht Van Damme, co-founder of, among others, crowdfunding platform WinWinner.

Two branches are open on Monday, in Bruges and Ghent. By the end of this year, that number should have grown to seven. Credion Belgium is a so-called master franchise of Credion, which has been active since 2001 and now has more than 50 branches with more than 100 advisers who advise SMEs on corporate and real estate financing. Founder Carlo van der Weg calls the entry into Belgium ‘the first step of internationalization’.

Bringing expertise together

Van Damme is already active in financing with other companies. He is co-initiator of crowdfunding platform WinWinner and of The Harbour, a funding agency for start-ups and scale-ups. The Credion formula increases the target group: ‘The founder of a scale-up does not have the same questions or needs as an SME entrepreneur whom we help with Credion. We do want to bring the expertise of all companies together to help every entrepreneur as best as possible.’ CEO of Credion Belgium is Joeky Geilleit: ‘Although there is still a lot of bank financing, more and more entrepreneurs are experiencing difficulties. Where banks do not want to guarantee the full amount with a loan, Credion Belgium, as an intermediary party, lowers the threshold to financing.’

On the photo from left to right: Art van Bruggen (director Fundion), Joeky Geilleit (director Credion Belgium), Carlo van der Weg (director Credion) and Aelbrecht van Damme (director Credion Belgium)

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