Worker injured in industrial fire in Beringen (Beringen)

Worker injured in industrial fire in Beringen (Beringen)
Worker injured in industrial fire in Beringen (Beringen)

A worker was injured in a company fire in Beringen on Monday evening. Due to the smoke development, local residents were asked to keep windows and doors closed and to switch off the ventilation.

Zahra Boufker

Today at 21:08

The fire started around 7.30 pm on the Industrieweg in Beringen at the Schapmans company. Oil had caught fire during grinding work. This was accompanied by a lot of smoke development. “We decided to spread a report via BE-alert to keep windows and doors closed,” says Thomas Vints (cd&v), mayor of Beringen. “The smoke was not toxic or dangerous, but it can cause nuisance. That is why we recommended turning off ventilation systems as well.”

One person was also injured in the fire. “The workman who was grinding was taken to hospital for treatment. The caretaker’s apartment behind the halls where the fire broke out may also have suffered fire damage. The alert resident immediately fled outside,” Vints concludes.

The fire brigade had to ventilate the industrial halls. That took a lot of time. The Beringen/Ham/Tessenderlo police arrived on the scene and made the necessary observations.

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