Several street dealers arrested: “Already left prison for five days and already dealing again” (Antwerp)

On Friday, police spotted two individuals (24 and 21) known for previous drug offences. They were checked and found to be in possession of 11.5 grams of cocaine and a small amount of hashish. “A thorough search yielded another thirteen doses of cocaine,” says Willem Migom, spokesman for the Antwerp police. “One of the two was released on conditions and had been released from prison just five days earlier.”

That same day, officers noticed two individuals who appeared to be looking for drugs. When they made contact with a third person in the Van Stralenstraat, the three were checked. The dealer had cocaine and cannabis in his pocket. “The 32-year-old man was staying in our country illegally and was sentenced to two prison terms,” said Migom.

On Saturday, a team of the Antwerp police organized a surveillance in the ‘Zwarte Arend’ district after reports from concerned residents about possible drug trafficking. “A suspect, 16, was checked and found to have several traffic units of hash in his pocket. The teenager also had a quantity of hashish at home and was brought before the juvenile judge.”

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In the evening, another police unit noticed a sporty driver pulling over to send a series of messages. The man was checked and had more than 600 euros in cash in his pocket. 6 grams of cocaine in traffic units was also found in his car. Heavy fireworks were also found at the man’s home. This was seized along with the drugs and the man’s car. The suspect himself was arraigned,” it sounds.

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A little later, the patrol had another prize, this time in Drukkerijstraat when a man on a scooter who, after manipulating his mobile phone, made contact with a second person. “The buyer admitted to having just bought cocaine,” police said. “The suspect tried to evade police control, but was overpowered and arrested. The man (18) had 920 euros in cash and small amounts of cocaine and cannabis in his pocket.”

Drugs hidden in underwear

On Sunday afternoon, police also checked a suspicious cyclist. “The man (20) ran and tried to flee from the police. During his flight, he threw away a cell phone and ketamine. Both the man and the drugs could be transferred to the police station,” says Migom. Ecstasy (43 grams), ketamine (43 grams) and cannabis were found in the twenties.

© Antwerp Police

At about the same time, another team apprehended a dealer in Sint-Jansplein when they noticed a man making contact with a customer on the terrace of a cafe. The suspected seller was arrested and had cocaine and heroin hidden in his underpants.

“The man turned out to be illegal in our country and his file was transferred to the Immigration Department. A man was also stopped in the same square who tried to sell electronics without a permit,” the police said.

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